Since the day we got married the question began, “so, when are you two going to have kids!?

I know, it’s usually the next step; but, we got married young and wanted to enjoy being a married couple first. Each couple’s path is different and that’s okay! Even though we got asked countless times over the years, it really never bothered us, we knew we would be ready one day. Until that day came, we traveled, went on adventures and just enjoyed each other’s company, with the exception of our fur children, of course. God had placed the desire in our hearts to be parents, but we knew God would give us peace about it when the time was right. For years I questioned if I would ever be ready, but the dream was in my heart so I knew God would bring it to pass in HIS timing.

He did just that; I am not kidding, we were strongly set on not being ready still. As the next few weeks progressed, the idea seemed more and more realistic. Before we knew it, we felt an undoubted peace about it. It truly is a peace that surpasses all understanding with God, you just have to be sensitive to His voice. That next month, I couldn’t stop smiling when the test read positive; Andrew and I were so happy and excited we could barely contain ourselves. 

Trust God, His plan is always the best. I am so grateful for His goodness and blessings in our life. We are excited to see what the future holds for us and our family. God is so good!

With love,
The Maples Family

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