Ivana + Sam

Ivana & Sam are the most kind-hearted and genuine people you will ever meet!

My branding designer & editor, Ivana, is from Bulgaria. I hired her just over a year ago and I knew right away she was special, and a God-send for my business.

She cared just as much as I did about the editing and makes sure she puts her heart and soul into all she does for RMP. She helps me stay on track with deadlines, is just as picky as I am with quality control & she even designed my complete new branding that was unveiled this Spring. I still review everything and make sure it’s perfect before I send it to my clients, but she saves me countless hours that I can put back into the client experience.


When she found out I was shooting a wedding in Greece, she realized how close we would be to each other and that we just had to finally get together, what an opportunity!

Meeting her and her boyfriend Sam was a joy. We shared lots of laughs and stories and I left with my heart feeing so full. They also second shot and worked with me on the wedding day, so cool.

After we said our goodbyes I couldn’t help but sit there in amazement at what God had done. Brought me close with someone across the world, then orchestrated a way for us to meet? I am blown away at this whole experience.

God spoke the worlds into existence, think of all he can do in your life if you let Him.





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